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Women Rehab Centre in Punjab

Guru Kirpa understands that alcohol and substance abuse can have a devastating effect on a woman’s life. That’s why we have Women’s Rehabilitation Centre in Punjab. If a woman finds herself organizing a day’s activities around getting or using drugs or alcohol, this is a clear sign of addictive behavior. Missing work, less contact with friends, and even personal hygiene issues can develop as drug-addictive behaviors take over your life.


Women Rehabilitation Centre in Punjab

In India, many women with drug-addicted problems have previously suffered physical and sexual abuse. If you have also been the victim of abuse, alcohol, or drugs, provide the easiest way to escape the pain, and you forget that it ever happened.

A women-focused drug rehabilitation program at Guru Kirpa Healthcare Rehabilitation Centre is there for you to work through these painful issues and learn ways to replace using with healthy and productive activities. A problem related to self-esteem and identity often plays a pivotal role for ladies who suffer from substance abuse.

Comprehensive treatments

Guru Kirpa Rehab for female

Alcohol Addiction Treatment

Alcohol Addiction

It is a condition in which a person continuously uses any substance or drugs like opioids and creates a physical and psychological dependence.

mental illness

We understand the importance of a healthy mental state & provide treatment for all psychological disorders along with timely counseling & follow-ups.

drug addiction

It is a condition in which a person continuously uses any substance or drugs like opioids and creates a physical and psychological dependence.

Why Choose Us?

Rehabilitation Centre For Women in Punjab

The following benefits can help speed the healing process along.

Ability to maintain focus on self-care: Women often neglect themselves as they continue to care for the needs of their family members and children. The Rehabilitation Centre can provide the proper setting for a woman to focus on her needs for change relentlessly.

Understanding of the emotional needs and response: Women can be benefited from learning how they respond to life’s stressors. Once they understand why they sometimes develop self-defeating behaviors at the Rehabilitation Centre, they can learn more productive ways to deal with the stress, cravings, and triggers.

Detect and deal with the existing problems: Many people facing substance abuse treatment have co-existing problems. These can include trauma-related issues, eating disorders, and mental health challenges. Proper eating disorder treatment can be integral to recovery from this significant problem.

Satisfied experience for a whole life: Most women who go through a proper and professional rehabilitation process identified a higher satisfaction with life. They have a meaningful and positive relationship with people. In addition, they may start feeling a greater sense of purpose in their overall life.

Access to constant support and Aftercare programs: Overcoming alcohol and drug dependency comes with many challenges and requires consistent effort. Guru Kirpa Healthcare provides essential relapse prevention and aftercare programs that keep a person on the right path.


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