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If you are looking Best Rehabilitation Centre in Punjab, then the Guru Kirpa is a licensed rehabilitation center for people with alcohol, drugs, and behavioral addictions. Our long-term goal is to provide you with the best care and comfort to end your addiction and start your recovery immediately.

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We provide the best treatments, counseling, and guidance to help you overcome drug and alcohol abuse and mental disorders. Our reliable and effective recovery programs are led and supported by experienced professional therapists. Our Expert team-leading rehab center for research has shown that incessant after-residential treatment patients are more likely to remain functional in the long run. Aftercare programs for patients’ specific needs guide, encourage, and support. The doctor takes timely follow-ups and daycares with very efficient help.

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Most Effective Treatment

Effective treatments depend on the condition. Depression: therapy, antidepressants. Anxiety: therapy, medication. Diabetes, hypertension: lifestyle changes, medication. Chronic pain: physical therapy, medication, alternative therapies.

Dedicated experts

Dedicated experts are professionals who have specialized knowledge and skills in a particular field, and are committed to providing high-quality services to their clients or patients.

Private and Confidential

Private and confidential refers to a level of secrecy and protection of sensitive information, ensuring it is not disclosed or shared with others except as authorized by the person who provided it.

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We Offer At Guru Kirpa Healthcare

Alcohol Addiction Treatment

alcohol addiction

We focus on medically supervised alcohol detoxification treatment. The patient receives a combination of medical treatment as well as psychological counseling.

mental illness

We understand the importance of a healthy mental state and we provide treatment for all psychological disorders along with timely counseling and follow-ups.

drug addiction

It is a condition in which a person continuously uses any substance or drugs like opioids and creates a physical and psychological dependence.

Comprehensive legacy


A rehab center boasting a legacy of transforming lives is likely a facility with a long-standing reputation for successfully helping individuals recover from substance abuse or addiction. They may offer evidence-based treatment approaches, such as behavioral therapy, medication-assisted treatment, and holistic therapies, to address addiction’s physical, psychological, and emotional aspects. The center may also have experienced and compassionate staff who provide individualized care and support to help individuals achieve long-term recovery and improve their quality of life.


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I am happy that I chose Guru Kirpa Healthcare for my elder brother's rehabilitation. There could be no better rehab then this, my brother is under much control it's been a month now after his release. What I appreciate the most is their teaching which has reflected on my brother's thought process and action, their response to family query and counselling .

Sucha Singh Great Experience

Guru kirpa health care,is an excellent place to get sober . The staff in both clinical and counseling department are very helpful , informative , and accommodating. The living situation is phenomenal. Family therapy and sessions is a great exercise for the whole family and really helps the family heals. They really strive to nurture an

Parvesh Arora Amazing Experience

I would say this place is the ultimate solution to rehab problems. Not only the best rehab centre in Punjab but probably the best in India. The positive, safe ,homely environment they give you will lead to an easy and fast recovery. If anyone you is in need of rehab,do not delay and contact them to get to this soon, they will provide you with the best survives.

Gurdev Singh Good Rehab Center



We provide effective treatment for substance addiction to help you achieve lasting recovery and reclaim your happiness.

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frequently asking questions

Best Rehab center in Punjab

It has well-qualified professional staff who are highly skilled in handling patients at the Best Rehab Center in Punjab. Counselors, therapists, and specialists are there to guide different types of addicts at every step of the treatment process. Mental Disorder Treatment.

With the up rise in the number of addictions in society the, Best Rehab Center in Jalandhar, then the Guru kirpa is here to help you to de addict using our expert treatments, has been proven to be a life-changing moment in people’s lives affected by addiction. The suffering caused by the continuous usage of drugs in the human body is immense. It not only harms the individual but also affects the family members who care for them, Here list top 5 rehab.

Best Alcohol Rehabilitation Centre in Punjab & Drug Rehabilitation Centre in Punjab

Choose Guru Kirpa Rehab as your preferred De-Addiction and Rehabilitation Centre in Punjab & get the best treatment from our highly experienced counselors and medical staff to get rid of your alcohol and drug addiction. We are one of the leading government-recognized and licensed rehab centers in Punjab.

Guru Kirpa Rehab is an elite residential alcohol rehabilitation center in Punjab and a drug rehabilitation center in Punjab. Guru Kirpa Rehab is a leading rehabilitation center in Punjab where patients receive the utmost care. With its outstanding principles, Guru Kirpa Rehab Alcohol and Drug Rehabilitation Centre in Punjab has spearheaded as one of the Best Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Centers and a De-Addiction Centre in Punjab for Alcohol & Drug Addiction recovery.

Guru Kirpa Rehab Centre in Punjab offers a peaceful atmosphere with a picturesque view that is best suited for recovery. We believe that our program is one of the best alcohol and drug addiction treatment programs in Punjab, which makes us the most Premium Rehabilitation and De-addiction center in Punjab for Alcoholics & Drug Addicts.
We at Guru Kirpa Rehab Centre in Punjab possess a sturdy team comprising qualified & leading Doctors & Counsellors and a well-versed staff that helps us stand out from the crowd.

Furthermore, we are consistently spreading our best-class addiction treatment in Punjab.

Suppose you are looking for the best alcohol & drug addiction treatment program in Punjab for you or your loved ones. In that case, we are the best Alcohol and Drug Rehabilitation Centre in Punjab for drug addiction recovery and alcoholism.

Suggest which is the best rehab center in Punjab?

Guru Kirpa is one of Punjab’s trusted result-driven de-addiction and psychiatric hospitals. We provide effective therapies and counseling at an affordable price.

Which hospital has the best rehab services in Punjab?

Guru Kirpa has years of experience in treating drug addictions and psychological disorders. We have highly skilled psychiatrists and counselors to understand the patients in the best possible way, Best Rehab Center in Punjab.

What is the history of Guru Kirpa Rehab Center in Punjab?

Gurukirpa was successfully established as a healthcare deaddiction and psychiatric hospital in 2019. It happened after noticing a huge uprise in the cases of drugs, alcohol addiction, as well as mental illnesses and the way it has destroyed many precious lives

What type of substance and drug abuse is treated in Guru Kirpa Rehab?

We treat all sorts of drug addiction whether it is Opioids or Cannabis. In opioid category, we treat patients addicted to substances like heroin, smack, opium, and poppy.

What is the duration of treatment in Guru kirpa rehab?

We follow a customized schedule of detoxification and rehabilitation in our hospital under professional guidance. This detox treatment usually takes 2-4 weeks followed by rehab care of 16 weeks.

What is Rehabilitation Centre in Punjab?

A rehabilitation center, also known as rehab, is a place where people having drug, substance or alcohol addiction get appropriate treatment program to get rid of their addiction, Best Rehab Center in Punjab.

Why Should I go to Rehabilitation Centre in Punjab?

You should go to rehab if you have no control over using a drug or alcohol to make yourself feel normal and function. You should go to rehab if you do any of these things compulsively.

How long is the treatment?

It consists of rehab treatment that usually takes 2-4 weeks, followed by rehab care of 16 weeks.

Can an addict lead a normal life?

Yes, but it takes serious commitment from the addict and medication-assisted treatment. Relapse is just around the bend without the proper medication, commitment, and counseling.

What Can I Bring To Rehabilitation Centre?

Rehabs have very strict policies about what you can bring with you to treatment. Treatment centers allow you to bring the necessities. Policies on extra items vary by center. Best Rehab Center in Punjab

What Is A normal day in Rehab like?

Rehab is tailored to the individual with their specific needs in mind. Substance abuse, medical, and mental health professionals work together to design a rehab program that will be the most compatible and optimal for recovery.

What does a rehabilitation center do?

A rehabilitation center provides specialized therapy sessions along with ongoing medications. These sessions are provided for their anger management and stress management. They also provide the safest environment for early recovery and healing. I am not able to find answer for 3rd one. Find the answer and I will change it

Is rehab more effective than jail?

Yes of course. A jail is a place where there are chances that the addicts may meet some other criminals. This may harm their minds. On the contrary, in a rehabilitation center, there is more care and focus. The family-like environment makes it more comfortable for fast recovery.

What rehab has the highest success rate?

Drug and alcohol rehab has a higher success rate. It accounts for more than 80% and people live a happy and long life after attending the rehab centers.

Which is the best De addiction Centre in Punjab?

Guru Kirpa, Nasha Mukti Kendra in Jalandhar, is the best place for De addiction. We provide world class rehab services to help you choose a better life.

Does rehabilitation really work?

Yes, rehabilitation works if it is done systematically. Referring to medication is not the solution for de-addiction. Proper counseling and environment are the other methods that are only provided in a rehabilitation center.

Is treatment better than punishment?

No, we should respect the dignity of an addict as well. There might be a possibility that an addict got an addiction under the influence. Proper counseling and medication might be used to control addiction. If an addict does not support, a punishment that could not harm them physically should be given.

What are benefits of rehabilitation?

There are several benefits of rehabilitation. The most important one is a lifestyle change. When an addict tries to go to a de-addiction & Rehab Center in Punjab, the changes in his lifestyle give him or her comfort and hope to live a longer life.

Why do prisons fail to rehabilitate?

A prison is a place where all kinds of criminals are kept. There is no doubt that these jails provide rehabilitation programs but some criminals always think of bad deeds that create chaos in prisons. They influence the other offenders and as a result, rehabilitation fails.

What is the staff to resident ratio for rehab center in Punjab?

At Punjab, our staff is fully equipped and includes Physicians, Psychiatrists, psychologists, nurses, physical trainers, yoga and meditation instructors, chefs, and round-the-clock helpers.

Where is Guru Kirpa Drug Addiction Centre in Punjab Located?

Our best De Addicition Centre in Punjab is located at NH-1, Third Floor, Grand Trunk Rd, near Hanumant International Public School, Goraya, Punjab 144409.

Is the rehabilitation centre, (Punjab) in a safe environment?

Our center in Punjab is located at a serene location surrounded by the beauty of nature. We have a fully equipped security who are posted at the center for round the clock service and we take full responsibility of our client and staff’s safety.

How Long Does Rehab (Punjab) Take?

Minimum 3 months to even a year or more, depending upon the person. The treatment at Guru Kirpa De Addiction Centre in Punjab doesn’t end as soon as the person leaves the center, we take follow-ups for a year to ensure the client’s best treatment.

Does Rehab in Punjab have program which teach life skills that support sober living, beyond detoxification?

Our treatment program at Punjab is a wholistic one that includes psychosocial treatment, psychiatric attention, as well as meditation, and wellness coupled with detoxification

What programs are available in Rehab Center in Punjab?

Our treatment consists of a proprietary in-patient program designed primarily to suit every client’s requirements in Punjab.

How does the rehab center in Punjab manage detox?

In Punjab the detoxification is looked after and planned by our panel of doctors and it can take place either in the hospital or at the center depending on what our client requires and how the doctors suggest it to be.

How successful is the de addiction centre in Punjab?

For our drug addiction centre in Punjab, on a scale of 1 to 10 where 1 being unsuccessful and 10 being most successful, it is between 8 to 10 depending on the person’s will to adhere to the programme.

What is the cost of treatment in Punjab Rehabilitation centre?

The cost of treatment differs as per the client’s customized requirements. The minimum package at our Punjab center starts with minimum package according to others whhich includes all luxury facilities, doctor consultations, medications and psychotherapy which can be personalized for clients.

Does the rehab centre (Punjab) offer any life skills training?

Our psychosocial treatment at Punjab includes therapy, medication as well as social skills training and we ensure to take care of the client from a wholistic perspective including Mindfulness, life skills training, meditation.

Does the rehab centre (Punjab) offer aftercare?

The treatment at Guru Kirpa Rehab (Punjab) doesn’t end as soon as the person leaves the center, we maintain follow-ups for almost a year to ensure client’s best treatment. Best Psychiatrists In Phagwara

What Happens If I Relapse?

At our center in Punjab, if the patient urges to finish the program in 3 months or less, there is a good possibility of a relapse once they return to their regular life. Longer durations of programs are most seen to be effective, and they prevent the chances of a relapse.