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Alcohol Addiction

If you are looking for the best and highest 100% recovery rate alcohol addiction treatment center, then we are the best place here. We are the best alcohol treatment center in Punjab and cover all over Punjab. Many patients come from Jalandhar and outside the city.

Alcohol Addiction Treatment


Alcohol Treatment Center in Punjab

Guru Kirpa Healthcare is one of the best Alcohol treatments in Jalandhar, Punjab. It aims to understand and assist you with alcohol addictions that affect you negatively and soon become a family illness. Our trained team of psychologists, therapists, and counselors provides the best quality care to the patients.

The treatment process at Guru Kirpa is unique. We provide personalized care to all, first by detoxifying their bodies from the alcohol, followed by a planned rehabilitation treatment of a minimum of 16 weeks.

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Rehabilitation Center In Punjab For Mental Disorder

  • Daily Assistance
  • Best Living Conditions
  • 24/7 Professional Care
  • Experienced Psychiatrist
  • Psychotherapy Unit
  • Social Activities
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