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Top 5 Rehab Centers in Punjab

We understand that if you have found yourself on our site for the top 5 rehab centers in Punjab, you are likely experiencing great pain and confusion regarding a troubled loved one in your life. We know firsthand how this stress and crisis affects the entire family unit. We are here to provide you and your loved ones with the knowledge, tools, and emotional support you need to begin the recovery process.

One of the things that de-addiction specialists observe is the strong feelings of relief that come when finally addressing a mounting problem. Suffering is always more harmful when it’s alone.

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Guru Kirpa Healthcare

It is one of the promising rehabilitation centers in Punjab. Guru Kirpa works to provide the best care and treatment to culminate addiction. They have been working for the addicted and helping them to overcome drug or alcohol abuse and mental disorders for the past many years. The treatment methods include individual counseling, Family Counselling, Medication, Exercise, Games or Sports activities, and many more.

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Jeevan Daan drug counseling and Rehabilitation Centre

This rehabilitation center is situated in Zira (Punjab) near Jalandhar. This rehabilitation center counsels addicted people, and patients can stay there till they get relief from the disease or addiction.


Star Rehabilitation Centre

This rehabilitation center is situated in the heart of Jalandhar city. This center works for addicted people, and many people from nearby villages visit here to get relief from their addiction.

Rehabilitation Center in Amritsar
Rehabilitation Center in Sangrur


Aasra drug de-addiction and rehabilitation centre

This rehab center is situated in a village named Daroli Bhai. People can check online for the place. For contact details of this rehab center, you can check online.


Mobility stroke rehab

This rehab center is located in Mohali. The address is Sector -78 Mohali, Punjab, Sahibjada Ajit Singh Nagar. This rehab facility is good for those who are suffering from a stroke.

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